What is post-cycle therapy and why is it so important for successful muscle building?

PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is required to restore the body’s natural hormonal background after a cycle of anabolic muscle building steroids.

Loss of muscle mass will be in any case. The natural level of the sex hormone testosterone is many times lower than on the pitch. Its exogenous production is around 50-130 mg per week. On the PCT steroid course some use up to 1000mg or even a muscle building order of magnitude higher. It is these hormones that are responsible for the body’s ability to build excess muscle and maintain effect. Loss of muscle mass after the course is directly proportional to anabolic steroid dosages. The higher they were, the stronger the “rollback” effect.

The main role of PCT after a Testosterone cycle (or drugs like Turinabol, Methandrostinolone or “Methan”, Propionate, Nandrolone Decanoate or “Deca”, Donabol, Sustanon or “Sust”, Boldenone, Stanozolol) is to minimize the loss of maximum muscle mass built up .

What Happens to Your Body When You Use Steroids?

Anabolic steroids, also known as “roids” or “juice”, are artificial substances used for muscle building by gym rats and professional bodybuilders who are not satisfied with their natural muscle growth. Many professional athletes looking to advance in their sport also take steroids — although many athletes’ organizations have banned PEDs. When someone starts taking steroids to build muscle, they may see increases in muscle strength and size, improved recovery, and reduced inflammation. These gains allow them to train harder and more frequently to build more strength and size than their bodies naturally would.

These muscle building drugs can be a quick way to bigger muscles and better performance, but they come with many side effects and consequences. The most significant side effect of steroid use is that the body stops producing testosterone naturally as it is getting more than enough on the drugs. So if someone decides to stop taking steroids, they will experience a “hormone crash”. This crash will produce withdrawal symptoms similar to substance abuse, such as:

  • Depressions,
  • Headache,
  • anxiety,
  • loss of appetite,
  • nausea, etc.

Not only that, long-term abuse of steroids can lead to more serious conditions like heart and liver disease. When a man stops taking steroids, Post Cycle Therapy comes into play, the effect of which is to stabilize hormone levels.

When should Post Cycle Therapy start?

If you are on medications that suppress your natural testosterone production, we recommend starting a post-cycle PCT protocol. You can start SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) and prohormones right after you stop taking them. With steroids, wait a week before starting PCT. In this case, the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) experience is best.

Ideally, you would seek the advice of a qualified doctor to outline a treatment and track your progress.

How long does PCT last?

Beginning when the body is completely free of anabolic steroids, the PCT drug program lasts approximately one month to six weeks. However, this depends on individual circumstances, such as B. the type of PCT medication and the dosage – and for how long. Keep in mind that if you use steroids regularly, you will need prescriptions to regulate your hormone levels and seek advice from a doctor.

If it is necessary to stimulate PCT, this therapy time can be extended by several weeks. Of course, slow-release steroids take longer to clear from the body, so it can take several weeks after the last injection for the body to be flushed of artificial testosterone.

Main tasks that PCT solves after anabolic steroids

For PCT Recovery to work effectively, you need:

  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) allows you to resume normal testosterone synthesis as soon as possible and reduce the level of female hormones (estrogens), which will be higher than normal in the post cycle period due to increased aromatization of testosterone, i.e. its natural conversion to estradiol.
  • PCT restores libido and spermatogenesis.
  • PCT lowers cortisol levels by reducing exercise volume, working weight, and physical activity. The body in the post-treatment period is weakened and cannot recover with the same force as when taking medication. Without reducing the load, you simply “burn” the muscles.

In order to start Post Cycle Therapy PCT steroids after a cycle of steroids, you must first wait for the artificial hormone to leave the blood. In doing so, we take into account the cooldown times of various drugs. For example, in the case of methane, stanozolol or testosterone propionate, this period is a maximum of 2-3 days, while in the case of enanthate, susta or deca it is delayed by 2-3 weeks.

Main components of PCT effect

PCT drugs (antiestrogens) are divided into the following classes:

  • Aromatase Inhibitors (Letrozole, Anastrozole, etc.) – during the PCT course to block the effects of estrogen when using aromatizing agents (testosterone, sustanone, methandrostenolone and extremely light – boldenone and fluoxymesterone). Many consider Proviron to be a weak aromatase inhibitor.
  • Estrogen receptor blockers (tamoxifen, clomiphene) or toremifene – after the end of the course for 2-3 weeks to restore the secretion of your own testosterone. These PCT medications are crucial and have extremely important effect. They are used after courses of any complexity.
  • Chorionic gonadotropin – helps prevent the development of testicular atrophy and desensitization of Leydig cells. It is used in Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) with severe courses lasting more than 6 weeks. The induction begins after 2-4 weeks of the course (or the last 3-5 weeks) and continues until the anabolic drug is discontinued, then a transition to estrogen receptor blockers occurs.
  • Cabergoline (Dostinex) is an inhibitor of prolactin secretion. It is used while taking a number of progestin medications (nandrolone, trenbolone) that increase prolactin levels, which are responsible for most of the side effects of these medications. Usually taken at a dose of 0.25 mg every 4 days throughout the course of PCT.

PTC training after a steroid course

After the course of AAS, in parallel with taking antiestrogens, it is necessary to make changes in the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) muscle building training process. The muscle building training load should be reduced by 50%. In this mode you need to train for a month. Then gradually increase the muscle building training load and gradually bring it to the maximum.

You should halve the workout time. If you have trained for 1-2 hours, the training time should be reduced to a maximum of 30 minutes.

The muscle building training should include compound movements while your working weights should be as close as possible to the training weights you worked with in the course minus 10-20%. Training program will help to increase the Post Cycle Therapy effect.

Is post cycle therapy necessary?

The longer a man takes muscle building steroids, the worse the side effects become. When someone stops taking steroids, the body stops producing enough testosterone. This could allow her testosterone to increase naturally, but it could take up to four months to regulate. Most men cannot or do not want to wait that long because of the side effects of

  • Low Libido Effect;
  • Acne;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • drowsiness;
  • experience erectile dysfunction and more.

After a man comes off steroids, taking hormone-stimulating PCT drugs will help bring his testosterone back to healthy levels. If this applies to you, you need the help of a qualified healthcare professional to create the best Post Cycle Therapy protocol to follow when coming off steroids.

It is important to know that even with PCT, anyone who stops taking steroids will experience some side effects and it will not be easy. You will most likely lose some of the muscle mass you gained while building muscle, your mood will swing, and you may lose the motivation and drive to go to the gym. If you are considering steroids, please understand the risks involved and know that after stopping steroids you will need to take a post cycle supplement or Post Cycle Therapy medication.

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