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Everyone has been overweight at least once in their life. The fat-burning process is much faster in people under 25 years of age. The fast metabolic processes make it much easier for young people to lose weight. With age, the metabolic processes in the body slow down. Therefore, the fat-burning process becomes slow. If you watch your diet and exercise, you can stabilize the whole and keep it at the same weight.  

How do weight loss and body fat burning occur?

We often say we "burn" fat regarding weight loss and exercise. Even physiologists needed to learn exactly what we meant. Only in the last few years have we learned more precisely what happens when the human body breaks down fat. Researchers at the University of New South Wales have found that the body undergoes processes similar to the transformation of substances during combustion.

According to research, fat-burning processes occur under the influence of oxygen. The more you exercise in the air, the more calories you can lose. Therefore, it is essential not only to eat a healthy diet but also to exercise outdoors. 

If you lose weight quickly at the beginning of your diet, don't get too worried: you've mostly lost water. The first thing your body does is to empty your sugar stores. Sugar is stored as glycogen, which contains 80 percent water. In addition, people who eat less consume less salt. Salt also binds water. Further fluid loss occurs when the body breaks down protein for energy production. The resulting metabolic products are excreted in the urine. 

Only after two or three days does it get down to business: fat in fat cells. Because the body is reluctant to release its reserves, it limits energy expenditure: adjusting metabolism, changing hormones, and losing muscle mass due to more weight loss is terrible because muscle uses more energy than fat cells. Of course, less energy is required for digestion. Result: lower energy requirements mean that fat cells release less reserves.

Is it possible to lose weight by burning fat?

The notion that fat burns only after 30 minutes of exercise is wrong. Our body uses both carbohydrates and fat for energy. The proportion of the respective energy source depends on the ratio of the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled to the amount of oxygen absorbed (respiratory quotient). The lower the carbon dioxide production relative to oxygen consumption, the more fat is used for energy. Or, the more intense the home workout, the less fat is burned compared to carbohydrates.

Fat is stored in cells as triglycerides. When needed, such as during home exercise, they are broken down into freely available fatty acids and glycerol, which the body can use for energy production. The critical point is that fatty acids can come from all fatty deposits in the body, not just the area you are currently training. Therefore, you need to burn fat in the whole body, not in a specific area. Training should be comprehensive and include working on each area of the body. Fat accumulates unevenly in the body. But this does not mean that it can be removed only, for example, on the belly or thighs. Proper fat burning involves slow weight loss over some time.

How does fat burning help in bodybuilding?

For many bodybuilders, losing fat and gaining muscle mass at the same time is problematic. Dieting athletes usually live on a low carbohydrate diet to keep their muscle mass from decreasing. You consume a lot of protein but need more carbohydrates.

It is recommended to lose fat sustainably so that you not only avoid white flour and sugary foods but also reduce the daily amount of fruits in favor of vegetables. This saves calories and also has a more significant satiety effect. It is also essential to drink enough water and to use supplements.

Many bodybuilders also take creatine and beta-alanine before each fat loss workout to stimulate fat-burning and increase performance. The best substitute with a similar effect is caffeine.

Is it possible to accelerate fat burning, and what does it take?

Professional athletes know how to achieve the ideal result in the fat-burning process. It is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Consume more protein. Since they make up most of your muscles, it is vital to always provide your body with enough of them. Protein is also essential to human genetic material, hormones, tissues, and enzymes. After a protein-rich meal, a pleasant warming (thermogenic effect) quickly occurs because the metabolism must use a lot of energy to process proteins.
  • Consume only healthy fats. Fats are also essential as they provide energy and are part of cell walls. Ideally, these are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as the body cannot produce them independently, and they protect the heart, circulation, and blood vessels from oxidative stress.
  • Drinking water. If you do strength training and want to lose fat, drink at least 2.5 liters of water daily. It is essential to keep your metabolism going, helps in storing vital proteins, and aids in fat loss. It also helps to flush out harmful metabolic waste products through the urinary tract.

The main rule of fast fat burning is regular physical activity on all muscle groups. Unfortunately, it is only possible to lose excess weight with proper nutrition. You can apply to burn belly fat, but there will be no results. Because you need to work on every part of the body.  

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If you are involved in professional sports or want a perfect body, fast fat-burning drugs can help you achieve your goal. On the website of our store, you will find the best supplements for muscle growth and fat loss:

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  • ECA  supplements. The  best fat loss supplement. Suitable for beginners and professionals alike. The composition includes caffeine and aspirin. These two active components help fight excess fat and restore physical fitness. 

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