The best drugs for post-cycle therapy

Die besten Medikamente für die Post-Cycle-Therapie

Post Cycle Treatment (PCT medication) is the process by which the body’s natural synthesis of testosterone and other hormones is restored. Since this is not just a medication break, a successful completion of the PCT cycle can only be demonstrated by the restoration of normal testosterone levels in the body.

The normalization of prolactin and estradiol levels is another benefit of post-cycle treatment. It is best to stop taking any medication for at least 2-4 weeks after symptoms have returned to normal.

What is PCT and who needs it?

PCT is a treatment with the best drugs to be administered to facilitate the recovery of the body’s normal physiological functions after androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) treatment. The primary focus of the best PCT is on the endocrine system, which requires attention to ensure proper recovery. The goal of the PCT regimen is to mitigate the potential adverse effects of AAS use and promote a safe and effective recovery process:

  • Control of side effects during the course;
  • Restoration of natural hormone levels;
  • Minimize muscle mass loss after the course.

Comprehensive efforts will reach all the peaks of the sport while minimizing setbacks. Compliance with all requirements after course therapy is a crucial factor.

Why is PCT an important part of bodybuilding?

If rehabilitation therapy is carried out carefully, it is possible to maintain the acquired volume while taking AS. Several athletes forego PTK and tend to forfeit the entire result, which is not only a waste of resources but also a significant health hazard. Following course therapy, it is imperative to undergo mandatory procedures that cannot be overlooked or even abandoned altogether.

Medication for PCT

There are many of the best medicines that you can find in our store. It is very important to read about the experience of taking such drugs.


For many bodybuilders, ARIMIMED 1 (Anastrozole PCT reviews) was the first aromatase inhibitor. It is the most commonly used aromatase inhibitor for estrogen control in bodybuilding today. Anastrozole use in athletes using anabolic steroids aims to reduce nearly all estrogen-related side effects. Numerous reviews mention the successful use of Anastrozole. With the right dosage, this the best drug has a beneficial effect.


AROMAMED 25 (Exemestane PCT experience) for PCT is classified as an aromatase inhibitor. This Exemestane drug is commonly used by anabolic steroid users to treat estrogen-related side effects during the Exemestane PCT cycle, including gynecomastia, water retention.


The clomiphene citrate class of drugs known as selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) includes CLOMIMED 50 or clomiphene citrate PCT. As an endogenous testosterone stimulant, CLOMIMED 50 works quite well. This purpose is primarily served by CLOMIMED 50 clomiphene citrate, an anabolic steroid popular with athletes and bodybuilders.


Raloxifene PCT cycles contain Letrozole PCT 2.5 mg, a drug indicated for the treatment of various types of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. In addition, Raloxifene is prescribed as a preventive measure against cancer recurrence. Certain types of breast cancer are stimulated by the hormone estrogen, which accelerates their growth. Raloxifene mitigates this effect by reducing the body’s production of estrogen, thereby preventing or reversing the progression of these malignancies.


The dose of letrozole in FEMAMED 2.5 tablets is 2.5 mg. In postmenopausal women, PCT letrozole is used to treat various types of breast cancer. PCT Letrozole can delay or stop the progression of certain types of breast cancer by reducing the amount of estrogen the body produces.


NOLVAMED 20 or Tamoxifen Citrate PCT Cycle is classified as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator drug. NOLVAMED 20 Tamoxifen Citrate in PCT is mainly used as an additional treatment to prevent, reduce and/or prevent gynecomastia.

Why is it worth buying medicines in our online store?

We cordially invite you to browse our specialized online shop for drugs for PCT specifically for athletes. Our sports supplements are specifically designed for those who engage in strength training and physical activity and need a fast and effective way to fuel their body with essential nutrients. Our shop has many reviews and experiences with PCT. These PCT experiences help to make a choice. It is important to note that the purchase of PCT medication should not be viewed as a complete replacement for daily food intake, but rather as a complementary supplement that allows for rapid absorption of PCT medication before and after strength training.

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